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3M DI-NOC™ Architectural Finishes Installer


Minimal Disruption

Dramatically transform your space without the disruption and mess of traditional construction with materials designed to refresh existing building elements and fixtures. You can eliminate the noise of demolition work, rebuilding efforts, and installation of new fixtures and building elements.


Remodel and Reuse

There’s no need to discard everything and start from scratch — 3M™ Architectural Finishes offer a way to channel your creativity while reusing existing structures. By reimagining a space rather than fully renovating, your clients can work towards their sustainability goals and help keep costs lower.


Waste Reduction

Refreshing your space without replacing fixtures, facades, and windows can help reduce landfill waste and help building owners achieve LEED credits. This can also allow for a more efficient use of refurbishment and maintenance budgets.

*Our experts will help you figure out which DI-NOC finish is best for your projects needs!


Quality and durability

3M™ Architectural Finishes are engineered to last using highly durable materials. We’re dedicated to providing the highest quality products.

Cost-effective solutions

3M™ Architectural Finishes are a cost-effective alternative to traditional construction materials, allowing you to leave your design signature on a project—on budget, on time, with no hassle.

Remodel and reuse

By refreshing, rather than replacing existing surfaces, you can help reduce landfill waste and obtain LEED credits — achieving beautiful designs you can feel good about while working towards your sustainability objectives.

3M™ DI-NOC™ Architectural Finishes brings you the beauty of hundreds of natural elements with the additional new series, Premium Wood, Artisanal, and Metallic Palette, to inspire your masterpiece.


Premium Wood Series

The new Premium Wood Series expresses the realistic texture and feel of natural wood. The controlled reflection on the matte coating technology is combined with both fine and deep wood grain embossing and high-quality printing. This unique technology creates the optimum tone and texture of each species of wood.

Artisanal Series

These industrial material designs are primitive and handcrafted to show a rich irregular texture that are sophisticated yet nostalgic and warm. These products eliminate the practical constraints from the use of natural materials such as the cost of skilled craftsmen, the unstable surface texture, and difficulty of maintenance.

Metallic Palette Series

The metallic palette system offers a variety of metal textures and metallic colors to create the perfect finish for your design. Available in matte(coming soon), semi-matte, hairline, oxidized, and variety of hairline textures. This series includes a range of silver tones and chanmpagne gold colors.

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